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The overall design of this logo looks great, which can be shown as logo of website
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The overall design of this logo looks great, which can be shown as logo of website

Experienced developer & designer who can help you design a website that is effective and user-friendly. I take into account your business goals and objectives when designing your website, and I work closely with you to ensure that your website reflects your brand and message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to run a website?

To run a website, certain few things are required, such as a domain name, hosting, SSL certificate, and a theme. You have the option to utilize a Content Management System or a website builder like WordPress to create the design of your website. These things equip with the necessary resources and templates to create and oversee the content on your site.

How much does a new website cost?

A new website’s price will vary depending on a variety of factors, including its functionality, size, branding,  complexity, features, and design. The typical price range is several hundred to several thousand dollars. Working with a professional expert is the best approach to getting an estimate that works for your needs by staying within your budget. This way, you can get a clear idea of how much it will cost and decide if you want to put money into a new website.

How long does a new website take to be completed?

The length of a new website project depends on several key factors, such as the number of features and functions needed, the size and availability of the developer, and the complexity of the design. On average, it takes between 4 and 8 weeks to finish a simple website with standard features. 

But it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months or even longer to finish building a more complicated website. It’s important to work with a professional web developer with a history of completing projects and clearly understanding your needs. Communication that is clear and consistent can help make sure that your website is finished on time and meets your expectations.

How does support work after the website launch?

I am proud to say that I have kept long lasting relationships with my clients and I’m always on hand to help them whenever needed with updates and further developments. Those are usually charged on an hourly bases.

How soon can we get started?

Once we agree your project is a great fit and you have paid the initial payment, I will schedule in the work. There is usually a lead time of 1-2 weeks. During this time you can be getting your content together.

What are your payment terms?

Marketing Websites – payment is split into three stages at key milestones of the project. 40% upfront, 30% once the design phase is complete, and then the final 30% before going live with your website.

Ecommerce Websites – similar payment structure to Marketing Websites, however if a back-end developer is also involved a payment structure will be agreed between all parties.

Design Visuals – 50% upfront, and the remaining 50% before supplying the visuals. For larger projects payments may need to be split across milestones.

What do I need to provide you with to get started?

Copy – I ask for draft content during the Structure and content stage of the project (see my process). This allow us to discuss how your content should be structured to ensure it delivers your goals. Final copy is needed before the Website build stage.

Photos – High resolution images of your product or service is essential to do your business justice. If you don’t have these yet we can discuss the type of shots and styling which would be required.

Branding – A vector version (ai, eps, pdf or svg file) of your logo is required if possible, and any other branding/marketing assets you have.

If you are missing any of these let me know on initial contact and I’ll be able to put you in touch with freelancers to help.

Will I be able to edit my website once it is finished?

Yes, you can make changes to your website easily depends on the specific platform and approach utilized in its development. As a website development specialist, I can assure you that if your website is on an Elementor, then the modification will be easy. You can easily edit it. The platform comes with an intuitive interface, enabling you to effortlessly add, edit, or remove content and perform design alterations as required.

Do you offer any training on managing my website?

Yes! For Marketing Websites we will arrange a 1 hour one-to-one training session to walk you through managing your website. Ideally in-person if London based, or over a Skype screen share. I would also like to keep in contact with you beyond the launch of your website, to make sure it continues to work for your business.

Will my website be Search Engine (SEO) friendly?

How SEO-friendly a website depends on several things, such as its content, website loading speed, and structure. Focus on adding pertinent keywords, designing a simple navigation system, and making sure the website is mobile-responsive to make sure it is SEO-friendly. By consistently delivering fresh, top-notch content and keeping aware of changes to search engine algorithms. You can dramatically boost the chances of your website ranking high in search engine results.

Can you help with the maintenance of the website after launch?

Yes, I’m able to maintain your website after it goes live. Regular maintenance of your website is essential to ensuring a positive user experience and maintaining a successful online presence. Choose my website maintenance services to keep your site running smoothly, including bug fixing, plugin updates, security patches, and more. 

I need an E-commerce website. Can you help?

Yes, I can help you make a great e-commerce site that meets the needs of your business and makes you more visible on SERP.

As a professional with a lot of experience making e-commerce websites, I know a lot about the latest tools and techniques for creating websites that not only look great but also do well in search engines like Google. By working with me, you can have confidence that your e-commerce site will be built on a solid foundation, optimized for search engines, and utilize proven methods for increasing both traffic and sales.

Let’s work together to create an e-commerce site for your business that will help it grow online.

Do you provide web hosting?

NO, I don’t personally offer web hosting services. However, I can recommend  the most exceptional web hosting platforms available. GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostinger.

Do you offer maintenance/ongoing support packages?

Yes, I can help you maintain your website after it goes live. Keeping your website up-to-date and running well is important for making sure users have a good time and keeping your online presence successful.

Comprehensive services for keeping your website up-to-date and running smoothly, including fixing bugs, installing new versions of the software, adding security patches, and anything else that may be required. By using my maintenance services, you can be sure that your website will continue to work well, giving your business a strong online presence for years to come.

Does my website need an SSL Certificate?

Today, an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is required for any website, regardless of size or purpose.  SSL certificate encrypts the data transferred between your website and its users, guarding against theft and interception of sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords, and personal information.

In addition to enhancing website security, an SSL certificate can help improve a site’s search engine rankings.  For example, Google has said that it gives SSL-enabled websites more weight in its search results because it thinks they are safer for visitors.

You need an SSL certificate if you want to develop trust with your website’s users, protect sensitive data, and boost your search engine ranks.

How do I optimize my WordPress website for search engines?

Optimizing your WordPress website for search engines (SEO) is essential for boosting your website’s exposure and getting more organic visitors.

Install a search engine optimization plugin, like Rankmath SEO, to make your WordPress website more search engine friendly.  Choose a descriptive and simple permalink format.  To organize your material, use header tags and internal links.  Create keyword-rich, high-quality material.  Utilize descriptive file names and alt tags to optimize photos.  Use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to keep an eye on how well your website performs.  Change and refresh your website frequently to boost its SEO and visibility in search engine results.

Can you customize a WordPress theme to meet my needs?

Yes, I can change a WordPress theme to suit your requirements. I have huge experience in customizing WordPress themes to fit the specific needs and preferences of your businesses. To increase your online visibility, the theme’s fonts, layout, colors, and other elements can be customized to reflect your brand’s identity.
So, if you want a professional and trustworthy partner to help you to customize a WordPress theme, you don’t have to look any further. Get in touch with me to know more about how can i help.

Can you help me with an e-commerce website redesign?

Let me help you to bring a fresh perspective to your website’s design by reviewing its existing design or structure. My expertise in website design and e-commerce will be invaluable as we work together to identify areas for improvement and create a plan accordingly. I can assist with both aesthetics and functionality and help you increase conversions.

Can you help me create a logo for my brand?

Yes, I have the capability to bring your brand’s identity to life through the creation of a logo. The design process is a strategic one that requires a thorough understanding of your brand’s values, target audience, and industry. 

My goal is to design a logo that not only stands out but also effectively connects with your customers and elevates brand recognition. Whether you’re starting fresh or want to redesign, I’m here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about my logo design services.

How can you improve the overall design and layout of my website?

I am aware of the significance of a well-designed and well-organized website.  I can review the style and design of your present website, find areas for improvement, and offer modifications to enhance the user experience and boost engagement.  I can help improve the look and feel of your website, from making it easier to use to adding visual elements and using the right color schemes so that it better represents your brand and helps your business grow.

Can you help me with the design of my company's marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures?

Yes, I can help you in designing marketing materials, like business cards and brochures, for your organization. As your professional designer, I’ll create visually appealing designs and effectively convey your intended message to the people who will be viewing them.  Whether you have a certain design in mind or need assistance coming up with an idea, I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your marketing materials appropriately reflect your brand and reach your target audience.

Can you help me optimize my website for search engines?

Yes, of course. As an expert in digital marketing, I understand the importance of optimized websites for businesses looking to increase their online visibility. This includes conducting extensive keyword research to find the most relevant and influential terms for your website, optimizing your website’s content and structure for search engines, and ensuring that your website is correctly indexed and available to search engines. 

With my expertise in search engine optimization, I’m confident that I can help improve your website’s visibility and search engine ranking, resulting in increased traffic and business growth.

Can you help me with local SEO for my business?

Yes, I’d be happy to assist you in your business with its local SEO. Any digital marketing strategy must include local SEO for your website. It helps your business to be more visible and brings more relevant customers. With a strong local SEO strategy, you can increase your chances of showing up higher on local search engine results in pages.

Can you help me with social media ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

Yes, I’d be happy to help you with your marketing efforts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. With my help, you can achieve your goals with efficient, results-driven social media campaigns. I will use my knowledge and skills to create a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your goals and maximizes your ROI. I can customize a solution to your needs and budget, whether you want to increase brand awareness, lead generation, or sales. If you’re ready to take your social media profile to the next level, I’m here to help. 

Can you help me with content creation for my social media accounts?

Yes, I can create and curate social media material. Content development and curation are essential elements of a successful social media strategy, and I have  expertise in developing content that resonates with your target audience. I also can assist you with determining the appropriate blog entries, infographics, videos, and photographs to produce, curate, and publish on your social media platforms. You will also receive support in scheduling and releasing your material, ensuring it reaches your target audience at the right time and in the right format.

Can you help me set up a Shopify store from scratch?

Yes, I can build a Shopify store from scratch for your e-commerce business. With huge expertise in setting up Shopify e-commerce businesses. Let me help you with the whole process, from choosing the right style to setting up payment gateways and shipping options and integrating third-party applications. Using my assistance, you’ll quickly set up a fully-functional and user-friendly Shopify store. Let’s collaborate to bring your e-commerce concept to life!

Can you help me customize the design and layout of my Shopify store?

Yes, Let me help you update the design and layout of your Shopify store for a refreshed look. This may involve customizing the theme for a personalized look and feel, rearranging page and section layouts, and adding new features. Based on the needs of your store, I can also recommend utilizing Shopify’s tools or third-party apps for optimal style and functionality. I’ll help create a custom design for your brand that appeals to your audience, from minor updates to complete modifications.

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